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By Erin Coates

ISBN 978-09-871910-1-4 (paperback)

Soft cover, notch bound with drilled hole
128 pages 17 x 22.5cm, Softcover
Tri-tone + full colour section
Edition of 300
Printed in Australia, 2015

Includes 57 photos/drawings in duotone and 32 page glossy-colour section with 25 colour photos/drawings.

Erin Coates’ book Kinesphere is a unique manual for city and suburban transgression through bouldering, parkour and radical way-finding. The book includes over 80 photographs, drawings and stills of Coates’ massive multi-player project that incorporates a team of climbers, architects, and writers. In addition to the 32 page colour section there are texts by poet and climber Shevaun Cooley, curator Leigh Robb and writer Jack Sargeant. Inspired by Erin Coates’ Kinesphere, where new relationships between the body and architecture are made possible, the book is designed to be twisted and turned when read, becoming a zone of continuous play.