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BlueCloud – Live Transmission

Dirk Paesmans (JODI)

ISBN 978-88-903078-5-0
Hard-cover, stitch-bound
160 pages, 8°/24x15cm
Edition of 500, printed in Milan, Italy

On the 25th of May 1991 the Bluecloud computer bulletin board system (BBS) transmitted a live broadcast to a local TV station in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The broadcast was a live video feed of the sky over the town. For the duration of the event, viewers could observe the clouds above along with some meteorological data transmitted to their television screens.The event may represent one of the earliest artworks that explicitly and critically combine the two networks of internet and television. This book consists of 160 pages of sequential screen captures taken from the recording of this transmission, augmented with the addition of a special blue ink, it is Jodi’s first artist book.

BlueCloud-Live Transmission was presented at the Composing Rooms, Berlin, 23 September 2014.