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Big Long Now

Rafäel Rozendaal

ISBN 978-88-903078-2-9
Paper-back glued, black gilt-edged
120 pages 8° / 10.5x17cm
Edition of 500, printed in Milan, Italy
Note: Some archive copies remaining

AA: Hi Rafaël, how have you been?

RR: Very good, so good, better and better.

AA: Better than before?

RR: Definitely. I actually thought I was happy before, but I fooled myself.

AA: Fooled yourself?

RR: I thought I was happy, I really believed it, so maybe I was. But I’m so much happier now so how could I have been happy at the time? It’s hard to trust my own memory, and it’s hard to measure my own feelings. But I’m very sure I’m happy now.