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Experiencing Hypnotism

Francesco Spampinato

ISBN 978-88-903078-1-2
Paper-back glued, silver gilt-edged
60 pages, 10.5x17cm, 8°
Edition of 500, printed in Milan, Italy

Experiencing Hypnotism is a book consisting of a series of black and white images found on the Internet featuring hypnotized people under the control of hypnotists. A circular graphic design has been applied on the foreheads of the hypnotized. Commands taken from typical hypnotists' agendas have been raised over the images, alternating with sentences taken from instruction booklets to set up hi-fi systems like home theaters and receivers. Experiencing Hypnotism has been published by Atomic Activity Books, an imprint of This is a Magazine. Printed in duo-tone blacks with silver-gilt edged pages in an edition of 500 copies.